Deliverables - Results


Successful PROCRUSTES workshop on “Managing cyber-physical risks in urban water systems” held in NTUA on 03/02/2023

D1.1 Quality Assurance Plan

Deliverable D1.1 “Quality Assurance Plan” describes the fundamental procedures to be followed within the PROCRUSTES project to ensure the objectives are met, the work is conducted according to the specifications set and the outcomes will have the expected high quality level. This is ensured through the continuous monitoring, quality assurance steps and guidance, the progress reporting details and other information provided in the document.

D1.2 Data Management Plan

Deliverable D1.2 describes the Data Management Plan (DMP) of PROCRUSTES regarding data collection and generation, data handling, data classification and storage, and data sharing status (open or protected/restricted). The DMP will evolve during the lifetime of the project and will also include the requirements about data handling (restricted / public) of the supporting stakeholders.